Apartment Therapy: Best Breathable Cooling Sheet Sets 2021

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We are super excited to share that our comfy and naturally cooling eucalyptus sheets were featured by none other than Apartment Therapy in the best breathable cooling sheet sets of 2021. We are thrilled to be a part of this incredible feature!

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Best cooling sheets


Author: Jasmine Grant

“Similar in feel to bamboo lyocell sheets, eucalyptus bedding comes from eucalyptus trees (obviously!). Eucalyptus is a renewable resource and, if done right, makes an ideal cooling sheet material. Sweave came out on top with their eucalyptus core sheet set, which can’t be beat when it comes to breathability. Made from a mix of eucalyptus Tencel lyocell and Egyptian cotton material, these single-ply percale weave sheets are super airy, durable, and moisture wicking. They also have a crisp matte finish that adds style and flair to your bed. Some eucalyptus bedding can be slippery, shiny, and not very breathable — but not these bad boys! Our projects editor, Megan, says that for the price, they definitely punch above their weight in quality. “The rate at which I woke up during the night to kick off the covers definitely declined as compared to nights with cotton sheets,” she says. “Both the flat and fitted sheets feel soft and not at all stifling; they’re smooth but not stiff, like cotton percale can be.”

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