Are Eucalyptus Sheets Cooling?

Is the heat making it unbearable for you to sleep soundly at night? Do you often find yourself waking up at night covered in sweat? Your bed sheet might be the reason behind this since it traps all of your body heat and moisture, making your surroundings uncomfortable to sleep in. What if we tell you that changing the type of bed sheet you are using can solve this issue for you? Look no further because the solution is here; Eucalyptus sheets. Read further to find out how!

Eucalyptus sheets

It Is Naturally Cooling 

One of the reasons why these sheets are cooling is due to its material. Eucalyptus in itself is cooling and since these sheets also fall under the category of Tencel sheets, the process enhances this quality. This makes it extremely good for hot sleepers and those who are tired of night sweats since switching the sheets’ material alone can lower your beddings’ temperature significantly.

Eucalyptus sheets

The Fabric Is Airy And Moisture Wicking

Another reason that makes Tencel sheets feel cooler is the way it's woven. Having a percale weave, the sheets are more airy and breathable compared to cotton sheets. This property also makes the sheet good for people who suffer from any sort of breathing issues. Another way the sheet helps people suffering from hot flashes is by being moisture wicking. The sheets tend to absorb body moisture and move it away from you so that you don’t wake up at night, drenched in sweat.

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