Are Pima Cotton Bed Sheets Good For Night Sweats?

If you are reading this, we know exactly how annoying nights might be for you. Though night sweats might have a number of causes including hormones, medications or some other health conditions - it is never a pleasant experience. Bed sheets tend to get very agitating as well since they get wet and don’t feel soft anymore, but then how can you fix that? Pima cotton bed sheets are your savior!

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Moisture Wicking

Moisture wicking refers to the ability of a fabric to absorb moisture and move it away from your skin which prevents the fabric from feeling damp. Pima cotton sheets have similar qualities which makes them a good remedy for night sweats. The fabric is also significantly breathable so it also makes you sweat less as it keeps you cool. 

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Guarantees Comfort

Apart from its benefits against sweat, the sheets also have many other properties that make them stand out amongst other types of cotton bed sheets. One of those happens to be its texture which is extremely soft due to Pima cotton and it's cross-pollinated. The fabric is also very durable, having around 50% more shelf life than its alternatives so you don't have to worry, it'll last you a long time.

Though the sheets require a little extra care, that effort is definitely worth the experience they lead you to. For all of you suffering from hot flashes at night, these sheets will make the level of comfort reach its height!

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