Bedroom Plants That Will Help You Sleep Better

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Indoor plants have numerous advantages, they not only look great but they also have numerous health benefits. Some indoor plants are really helpful for people who have trouble sleeping or have breathing issues.

Other benefits of indoor plants are that they are said to boost one’s mood, enhances the creative energy, reduces stress, filters out the air pollution and maintains the level of humidity.

Every plant has different characteristics and benefits, so let’s explore some of the best plants that you can keep inside your bedroom in order to promote a healthy and peaceful sleep.


Jasmine is one of the most famous indoor plants, it not just has a sweet fragrance and looks pretty but also has countless benefits. This plant aids sleeping due to its sedative properties, reduces anxiety and purifies air.

Jasmine plant for better sleep

Snake Plants

Snake plants are really good at emitting oxygen in the room and also removes a lot of toxic air pollutants that are present in the room. This natural air purifier can help with respiratory issues and are very good for people who have trouble sleeping due to allergies.

Snake plant for better sleep

Valerian Plant

Valerian plant has been used for ages to treat sleep related problems such as insomnia. However, they require a lot sunlight to survive, so try keeping it next to a sunny window.

Valerian plant for better sleep


Lavender has always been linked to relaxation and has been proven to decrease blood pressure, stress and heart rate. It also calms your body and mind which will help you fall asleep faster.

Lavender plant for better sleep

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera produces a lot of oxygen and cleanses the air which drastically improves the air quality. Aloe vera is also super easy and convenient to keep.

Aloe vera plant for better sleep


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