Choose The Right Bedding For Your Skin

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Did you know that as you sleep at night, our skin constantly rebuilds and repairs itself so that our skin can feel fresh and regenerated the next morning? This is why a good night’s sleep is extremely important for the wellness of our skin.

Many people spend on skincare products and tools for a clear and spotless skin but we usually ignore a very important aspect that plays a vital part in how our skin looks and feels. This key part of skincare is our bedding.

If you have noticed that despite of using every possible serum, you still wake up with irritated skin or a pimple right in the center of your cheek? Then check your bedding as it can be very important especially if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Let’s now discuss the most important features to keep in mind that will help you effectively choose the right bedding material for your sheets.

Natural Material

Experts suggest that we should use natural material for our bedding especially if we have sensitive skin type. Hence, try to opt for a bedsheet made from natural fibers instead of the synthetic ones like polyester which can harm our skin.

There are some excellent options available in the market like Sweave’s Eucalyptus and 100% Egyptian cotton bedsheets.


Breathability is another significant factor in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Breathable sheets will help maintain the temperature and moisture of the skin at night. It will also keep the skin cool which will significantly reduce the chances of sweat and blocked pores.


It is very important to carefully check the texture of the sheet before buying as the sheets should be extremely soft and smooth. Harsh sheets on the other hand can cause irritation and redness on the skin. The constant friction from stiff sheets can also cause breakouts.


People who have sensitive skin and are prone to allergic reactions should always opt for hypoallergenic bedsheets as these sheets do not trap dust mites and sweat particles and will significantly reduce the chances of allergies.

No harmful chemicals

Carefully research and read all the labels thoroughly to check if any harmful chemicals are used in the production of the sheets. Go for eco-friendly options instead.

All of the above-mentioned characteristics are present in Sweave’s bedsheets that are made using the optimal mix of Egyptian cotton and eucalyptus fibers, our bedding is also serenely soft and keeps you cool through the night. Our products are also eco-friendly and made ethically.

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