Do Colors In Your Bedroom Actually Affect Your Mood?

As per psychologists, colors are said to be closely correlated with how we feel as it affects our thoughts, mood, energy levels and sleep. So, before deciding what colors to incorporate in your bedroom, keep in mind that these colors will not just reflect your personality but will also have a significant impact on your daily life.

Best Colors For A Peaceful Sleep

Colors that are best for a good night’s sleep are the ones that trigger calmness and make you feel happy, relaxed and safe. You can either use these colors to paint your walls or you can incorporate these colors in your bedding or other accessories.

1. White: White is the only color that is timeless and classic. It will make you feel refreshed, calm, comfortable and will make your room look more spacious and airy. Click here to shop!

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2. Blue: Blue is associated with serenity and is said be linked with emotions such as stability, calmness and dependability. Research also suggests that blue lowers blood pressure and pulse rate. Click here to shop!

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 3. Light Pink: Pink depicts love, kindness, tenderness, sweetness as well as creativity which is very important after a long hectic day of work. Click here to shop!

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4. Green: Green signifies nature and is an ideal color for sleep as it affects tranquility. Click here to shop!

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5. Beige: This neutral color signifies simplicity, peacefulness and quietness. The best quality of this color is that it easily blends with and compliments all colors. Click here to shop!

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Worst Colors For A Peaceful Sleep

There are a few colors that might looks great but are not that good for your sleep.

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1. Red: Among all colors, red is the one that radiates most energy. On one hand it signifies love and on the other hand it signifies danger, aggression and power. It can also increase blood pressure and heart rate which is why red is a color that is not recommended to use in bedrooms.

2. Black: According to research, black can be linked to negative emotions like fear, anger and sadness.

3. Dark Brown: Darker shades of brown are considered to be really bad for sleep as they can trigger anxiety and depression. However, light shades of brown can be used.

4. Dark Purple: It is strongly recommended to keep dark purple away from your bedroom as it may lead to nightmares and a disturbed sleep.

5. Orange: Orange has almost similar affects as red, it radiates energy and excitement which can usually hinder sleep for people with insomnia.

Choose Wisely! 

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