Easy Hacks To Save Space In Your Bedroom

If you have a small bedroom and are having difficulty in utilizing the limited space in the most efficient way possible then we have a number of creative and strategic solutions for you to make your room look spacious rather than claustrophobic. 

Keep the furniture low

Keeping the furniture low to the ground such as the bed and side tables. This will leave more wall space, giving an illusion of a bigger bedroom. 

Follow Symmetry

Symmetry gives a clean, neat and spacious look to any space.

Avoid Headboards

In smaller rooms, less is always more. Hence, avoid headboards and it can give a crowded look.

white bedding

Design your furniture for storage

Storage can be quite tricky in smaller bedrooms. So, choose beds that have storage drawers underneath them. You can also opt for a storage box that can be used as a coffee table.

Dual Purpose Furniture

If you have limited and space, then carefully choose your furniture that have more than one purpose. For example, a lamp with shelves or combine your nightstand and dressing table. 

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves should be your go to hack if you are looking for space minimizing items. These are easy to build, strong, inexpensive and do not have any visible support which helps in saving a lot of space.

Floating shelves

White Bedding

Bed is the most dominating object in a bedroom. Hence, if the bedroom is small the bedding should be minimal. This is why white bedding is the best option for smaller rooms as it gives a cool, refreshing and wider feel. 

White bedding

Light Color Scheme

Keep the overall color scheme light and use pastel colors to ensure that your room looks calming and not too noisy. 

Use Mirrors

Using large mirrors in your room is the best way to make your bedroom look more spacious as it creates an illusion and reflects more light making the room look less narrow. 


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