Egyptian Cotton Sheets - Are They Really That Good?

Grown along the edge of river Nile, Egyptian cotton gets the perfect conditions to grow its fibers to be longer than other types. The longer lengths of its fibers cause the sheets made from it to be much softer and gives it more strength; making them last longer. Apart from this, there are more reasons why these bed sheets happen to be superior over other cotton bedsheets. Let's discover those together and who knows, you might find your ideal bedsheet today!

Egyptian Cotton bed sheets

Great Quality

In comparison to other cotton bedsheets, Egyptian Cotton bed sheets perform better in a few areas that makes them stand out. Firstly, the sheets have a higher permeability so not only do they absorb colors better but also retains them for a longer time. In addition, though the sheet might feel crisp at first, it tends to get softer after being laundered. Since the fibers are long, the quantity of loose ends is lesser and hence there is very less pilling so it holds its texture for long and on top of that, it doesn't wrinkle easily!

Hot flashes at night

Summer Friendly

Despite the texture being fine and rich, these sheets feel cold during summers due to its soft finish and are also quite breathable. Egyptian cotton also happens to be moisture wicking so if you get annoyed due to sweating during the night, you should definitely invest in these. 

Not only is it good for you but good for the planet as well so you don't need to worry about your carbon footprint when buying. Get yours now and spend your nights in comfort with sheets that literally age like fine wine!

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