Eucalyptus & Egyptian Cotton – A Match Made in Heaven

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Some combinations are truly made in heaven, such as cookies and milk, summers and beach. Similarly, the combination of Egyptian cotton and eucalyptus goes perfect with each other.


Eucalyptus is a tree that is native to Australia and is a very fast-growing tree with a number of health benefits. The fiber that comes from the eucalyptus trees is called Tencel that is known to be super soft and is rapidly gaining popularity world-wide.

Tencel is tested to be one of the softest fabrics and has a perfect drape. Moreover, Tencel is wrinkle free and is hypoallergenic which means that you can now say goodbye to those annoying allergic reactions.

Tencel fabric is also highly breathable and manages moisture really well due to which the temperature is regulated and it gives you a naturally cooling effect. Also, this high quality Tencel fabric is eco-friendly as the process of Tencel production is very sustainable due to less wastage.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is the finest type of cotton in the world due to multiple reasons. Egyptian cotton is hand picked as compared to the regular cotton which results in less damage and keeps the fiber compact and straight. Due to this the fiber can be made longer which creates better quality yarns, this makes the cotton much softer and stronger.

Egyptian cotton also has a neater finish as the thread count is much higher. Moreover, Egyptian cotton is much more durable as well as lightweight and breathable.

Best of Both Worlds

This superior combination of Eucalyptus and Egyptian cotton is exclusively offered by Sweave. These bedsheets are exquisite and contains the best of both worlds.

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