Glamour: 15 Wellness Products Helping Us Stay Centered This Month

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Written by: Talia Abbas

Welcome to Stuff We Want, our monthly roundup of new releases and undisputed favorites worth adding to your cart ASAP. From wellness essentials to beauty finds, these are the things our editors can’t stop talking about.

Aside from taking social media breaks and checking in with loved ones, there are so many ways you can make self-care a priority—which is why we asked Glamour staffers to share the wellness products that are part of their daily rituals. Some routines include the usual suspects, like bath soaks and salts and a great pair of running shoes, but there are other ways to show up for yourself, like listening to an inspiring podcast or being more conscious about the brands you shop. Finding your own reset button takes time, so we’ll get straight to it. Here are 15 wellness products helping us—and maybe you—find a little woosah this month.

Sweave Core Sheet Set

I wanted bed sheets that weren’t, like, 20 years old, so I ordered this set from Sweave. They’re the softest ever, plus they keep you super cool. —J.R.

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