Invited to a Baby Shower? We Have The Best Gift Idea For You!

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What does a couple want when they become parents? It is most probably their baby’s peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. So, think of a gift that can help their baby sleep in peace – Hence, Eucalyptus sheets is the best gift you can think of.

Research shows that a new born baby sleeps around 14-17 hours a day on average. So, choosing the best bedsheet to ensure the maximum comfort for the newly added family member is of utmost importance.

Why ditch traditional cotton sheets for babies?

Compared to the old-fashioned cotton sheets, the eucalyptus sheets have a number of advantages. The traditional cotton sheets are not just hazardous for the environment, but they also have a tendency to trap bacteria and sweat particles that can cause allergies and irritation on the baby’s sensitive skin.

Choose Eucalyptus Sheets

Eucalyptus sheets are really soft, smooth and silky as compared to the cotton sheets; hence, it is the perfect choice for babies as it will be gentle on their skin and ensure maximum comfort.

These sheets are also hypoallergenic which will make sure that the baby stays away from allergic reactions. Moreover, it also has antibacterial properties which keeps the unwanted bacteria, pollen and dust mites away from the baby.

The Eucalyptus sheets are very light weight and breathable which allows the baby’s skin to breath easily while sleeping and remains cool by regulating the body temperature. It also traps less moisture which further regulates the temperature.

Lastly, these sheets are ecofriendly as compared to other sheets which massively reduces the negative impact on environment.

So, now that you have an idea of the perfect gift for the upcoming baby shower, hurry up and buy the best quality eucalyptus sheets available at Sweave!

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