The Daily Beast: These Sheets Are My Go-To For Staying Cool All Summer

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Author: Kristen Garaffo

This eucalyptus and cotton blend bedding is perfect for hot sleepers, especially for the Summer season.

Staying cool throughout the night is my number one summer priority, as well as my husband’s. We’re both pretty hot sleepers, and let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than waking up sweaty and damp. We still want to be covered up and snug in bed though, so we like bedding that offers a soft, cozy feeling, without burning us up. I recently found a set of sheets that does just that.

Eucalyptus Core Sheet Set

Sweave bedding is a mix of Egyptian cotton and eucalyptus fibers aka super soft sheets that keep me cool throughout the night and they’re now my go-to set of sheets for warmer weather. 

The eucalyptus fitted sheet set includes a fitted sheet, and two pillow cases. Sweave gives you the option to include a top sheet or not, and they come in three colors - white, sand and light grey. You know how you always seem to sleep better in a hotel? My white set of sheets instantly reminded me of staying in a chic hotel, and I slept like that too. The sheets are soft and crisp, and I stayed cool and dry all through the night. While some Eucalyptus sheets have a tendency to be shiny and slippery, these are matte without a sheen to them, thanks to the cotton blend. I appreciate the little details as well, the fitted sheet includes a small tag that lets you know which side is the long side and the short side, which makes making the bed a little easier.

These sheets are an upgrade for us for sure, and my husband and I are sleeping deeper and waking up feeling more refreshed. I couldn’t have asked for a better set of sheets, especially for this warm weather.

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