The Perfect Bed Sheets For Your Hair - Bamboo Sheets

Tired of waking up with your hair being an absolute mess? The fabric type of your bedding might be one reason why this is happening. Making a simple change might solve a lot of your hair problems (and skin problems as a bonus). If you believe that cotton bed sheets are the softest option available, allow us to open an entire new world to you; Bamboo Sheets.

Hair Infections

Antibacterial Qualities

Bamboo sheets naturally have antibacterial traits that significantly lessens the amount of germs that might come with the air, your clothing or simply due to your shedding dead skin. These germs are bad for your hair, skin and also for your physical health if inhaled. By eliminating the hazard of interacting with germs, Bamboo sheets prevents numerous fungal infections from growing on your scalp. 

Hair Frizz

Silky Texture

Whether you have a nightmare or not, you probably wake up to one everyday if you have naturally frizzy hair. Besides time consuming and annoying practices like straightening every day or damaging extenso treatments, you can notably reduce the amount of frizz caused by your bedding by switching to sateen sheets. Bamboo sheets being one of its type, has very less short threads hanging out of its weave that are responsible for causing friction to your hair.

Hair Problems

Moisture Wicking

Bamboo sheets tend to be moisture wicking which means that they move moisture away from your body, making it easy to evaporate. Moisture or dampness can be very harmful for your hair, increasing hair breakage and escalating the growth of various fungal infections. 

Based on the traits appended above, using Bamboo sheets might be a good addition to your hair care routine to save yourself from plenty of your current and future hair problems.

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