Tired of Dust Allergy? Let’s Find You a Solution

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Most people say that your home is your safe haven, but what if your home is the place that is triggering your dust allergy the most?

Dust allergy is the most common type of allergy that most people experience around the world. Dust allergy is caused by microscopic bugs that usually breed on our house dust and they grow in humid and warmer areas such as our beddings, carpets and furniture.

The most common symptoms include sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, nasal congestion and sometimes difficulty in breathing.

However, don’t worry as we have some awesome remedies to help you manage your dust allergy.

Choose the right bedding
Use hypoallergenic bedcovers, bed sheets and pillowcases which will massively reduce the chances of having an allergic reaction to dust. These hypoallergic beddings are available at Sweave.

Wash your bedding regularly
Wash your bedding on a weekly basis with hot water as using hot water will kill the dust mites on the fabric. Also, dry the bedding in a hot dryer or dry them under the sun to further kill any dust mites and allergens.

Maintain the humidity level
Keep the humidity in your house low by using a dehumidifier or by using an air conditioner as these dust mites find it hard to survive in cold and dry areas.

Clean regularly
Vacuum the floor and furniture regularly. Also, used a damp cloth for cleaning as it will absorb the dust and will not allow the particles to be airborne. However, don’t forget to wear a mask while cleaning.

Avoid carpeting and cemented floors
Carpeting acts as a thriving ground for dust mites while cemented floors trap a lot of moisture which further becomes a breeding ground for dust mites. Hence; try to replace carpeting and cemented floors with wood or tiles.

Good luck managing your allergy!

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