Percale 500 Thread Count California Supima Cotton Sheets

  • Introducing Percale 500: We're really excited about this one. For those who don't know, It's extremely difficult to manufacture such a high thread count sheet in a single-ply percale weave. In fact, it can only be done by using the world’s highest quality yarns. 
  • California Supima Cotton: To make this happen, we’ve used 100% California grown Supima Cotton. This fine, extra long-staple cotton is both strong and durable.  
  • Feel: Insanely smooth with a crisp matte modern finish. They start soft and get even softer with each wash. These super rare, luxurious sheets are not found even in the world's best hotels.
  • What's Included: Two breathable pillowcases, a snug fitted sheet, and a cool and crisp flat sheet for the ultimate ZzZ time.
Color: White

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Crafted for Comfort

We believe that a bed sheet is the most important product we ever buy. Think about it. We spend a third of our life using it. It’s there to comfort us- in times good and bad. A great bed sheet is an investment in our own well-being.

That’s why we use the highest quality fibers to make our sheets - to give you maximum comfort and to ensure that, with proper care, they last a lifetime. Not only that, our sheets also get softer after every wash.

Get ready for some serious snoozing!

Quality Sleep starts with Quality Sheets

Did you know that our body temperature falls about 2 degrees when we’re asleep?

Humans sleep better when we’re cooler. That’s one of the many reasons we use eucalyptus fibers in our sheets. Eucalyptus fibers are naturally cooling which help you stay asleep throughout the night.


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