Care Instructions
Washing Bed Sheets

We recommend washing your sheets every five to six days. Leaving it any longer can sometimes cause discoloration, especially in white sheets. Run a regular cold cycle with like colors. Also, our product contains eucalyptus fibers, and they don't get along very well with bleach - so no bleach!

Drying Bed Sheets

We recommend line drying for minimal wrinkles, but using a tumble dryer on a low heat setting works great too. Make sure to remove the sheets as soon as the tumble drying cycle is complete to avoid wrinkles. Another pro tip is using wool dryer balls which reduce static, wrinkles and drying time.

Helpful Tips
  • Wash your sheets and towels separately to avoid lint
  • Don’t use fabric softeners or dryer sheets as they don't get along with fibers
  • Avoid bleach or any other brightening chemicals to avoid discoloration. Instead, use a tablespoon of baking soda or white vinegar.