Add Texture to your Room!

Wondering on how you can make your rooms more appealing aesthetically? Adding a few textured pieces might do the trick! Apart from maintaining a coherent color palette throughout the room, adding elements of natural texture by placing planters or furniture with a wooden pattern can really accentuate your rooms’ aesthetic. You can also add pieces like plush blankets or waffle cushions to add a hint of texture.

Bamboo sheets

Bamboo Sheets for texture

Though the above appended are good ways to add texture, what if we tell you that you can satisfy the need for texture in your room by adding only one new piece? Bamboo sheets are what you should look for since it's sateen weave can single-handedly add texture to your bed linen due to its longer threads and weaving method. Made out of Bamboo fiber, these sateen sheets can be processed in several ways, each having its own distinct texture. This gives you the liberty to pick the type of weave based on your preference in appearance.

Bamboo Sheets

Aesthetic and Comfortable

You might be wondering if adding texture would compromise on the level of comfort but rest assured since Bamboo sheets are specifically designed to be extremely soft on your skin to ensure that you have both aesthetics and comfort in line. These sheets are breathable in nature and help maintain your body temperature to an optimal level making sure that you are comfortable throughout, even during the peak of summer. 

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