Gross Things You Should Know About Your Pillows

We share a very close and special relationship with our pillows as not only it helps us fall asleep every night but it also supports us while we dream and comforts us while we hug it tightly on our unpleasant days. What if we tell you that these best friends also have a dark side if you don't take good care of them, as what's better than a two-way relationship?

You pillows can very easily become a home and a breeding ground for a lot of nasty bacteria, germs as well as dust mites which can easily trigger your allergies and make your skin break out and become irritable. So, let's learn about some gross facts that you should know about your pillows. 

1. Dirt and Oil
Not washing your pillows regularly can result in an enormous build up of dead skin cells, dirt and oil on the surface of the pillow. This is really bad for people with acne prone skin and people who suffer from allergies. 

2. Makeup Residue
Some of us have a bad habit of falling asleep without properly removing our makeup. Consequently, all the make up on your face will be transferred to your pillowcase accompanied by all the skin and hair products that we use. 


3. As Unhygienic As A Toilet Seat
Research suggests that the bacteria found on your pillowcases and the ones found on a toilet seat are almost the same. 

4. Dust Mites
Dust mites feed on dead skin that humans tend shed at night. These dust mites accumulate in your pillows which can be one the main reason for asthma. 

5. Stains
When you use your pillows every night without washing them, they get stained and form discolored spots. Also, there are a lot of skin creams that contains certain chemicals that causes staining.


6. Drool
It is quite common to sleep with your mouth open and wake up on a puddle of drool in the morning. That drool is not just your saliva, but it includes a lot of nasty body fluids that is full of bacteria.

7. Sweat
If you are a hot sleeper then beware because sweat can also build up in your pillows while you perspire in your sleep. 

8. Mold
Mold is fungus that can grow in your pillows if they become damp continuously. This build up of mold can also travel to other areas of your bed such as your mattress.  

9. Pet Hair
If you have pets that sleep with you, then you should now that your pillows will trap their hair, poop residue and all the bacteria on the floor where they walk. 


Hence, it is super important to thoroughly wash your pillowcases at least once a week. If you have acne prone skin or have allergies, then change your pillowcase every other day. 


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