Refinery29: Eco-Friendly Mothers Day Gifts For The Sustainable Mom

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Refinery29 just recommended us in their gift guide for Mother's Day. We're so excited to be a part of this incredible list.

Check it out here.

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Author: Eliza Huber, Refinery29

"Mother’s Day is almost upon us, and even if most of us can’t actually be with our moms on the actual day, we still want them to feel special. After all, they’re the ones who have been listening to us complain, providing a shoulder to cry on, and praising our accomplishments since, well, day one. And, as Earth Day approaches, we’ve been thinking of gifts we can buy our mothers that are as Earth-friendly as they are mom-friendly. 

This twofer gift guide for moms (and grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, and more) is completely eco-friendly. From sheet sets made of all-natural eucalyptus and jeans constructed from up-cycled denim to hand-crafted footwear and conscious beauty products that’ll save her Vitamin-D-deficient skin, this sustainable Mother’s Day gift guide has a little something for every mom. There are even some donation-based gifts that don’t involve a physical gift at all. But we have a feeling that no matter what you get your mom, she’s going to love it. That’s just how moms are.

So, whether you’re tucked in at home, mom by your side, or missing your mom from somewhere far, far away, these 17 sustainable gifts are sure to show her just how much you appreciate everything she does.

Click ahead for our most eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift guide yet."


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