Our Impact

For every sheet set you buy,
we plant a Eucalyptus tree.

Since a large part of our product is made from Eucalyptus fibers, we figured the best way to give back to the planet is to plant a Eucalyptus tree for every sheet set we sell. This way, our net impact on the environment is actually positive!

Made In Green

All our products are certified "Made In Green" by Oeko-Tex®. 

This means that every product has been tested for harmful substances, and made in a safe and socially responsible workplace. It also certifies our factories  as environmentally friendly facilities. For more information, click here

How trees impact the

Trees are good for the environment. But everyone knows that. 
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Built To Last

As you can probably tell, we deeply care about our impact on the planet. That’s why our products are built to last a lifetime. Learn more about our lifetime guarantee on any product page.