The Easiest And Neatest Way to Fold Fitted Sheets

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Do you dread laundry day because the hassle of folding and unfolding your fitted sheet is too much to take? Or do you just give up and stuff them into hidden closets where nobody can them anymore?

Worry not, folding it the right way is not as difficult as it looks, all it takes is learning the right technique and practicing it.

Master the art of folding with Sweave by following these super easy steps!

  1. On any large flat surface like your bed or a table, lay flat your fitted sheet in a way that the elastic side faces up.
  2. Position the shorter edges to your right and left and longer sides to the top and the bottom. It should look like a rough triangle.
  3. Starting from the left, grab the corner closest to you and flip it inside out in a way that your fingers should poke the inner seam.
  4. Now grab the corner that’s farthest from you and keep your right hand inside until you hit that corner’s seam
  5. Slide your left hand to meet your right and tuck one corner inside the other. Give the sheet a little shake to straighten everything while keeping your left hand stuffed into the sheet.
  6. Now set this down with the elastic corner on the top left. Move onto the right side and mirror the same process. Once done, try to lay it out as flat as possible you should have a rough rectangle.
  7. Now slide one hand at each of the pockets at the top, bring your hands together so the tips of your fingers are touching and flip your left side up and over the right. With your hand still inside, try to make the elastic seams line up. Lay it out and you will have a loose square after a little straightening.
  8. Fold it in thirds, rotate and fold it in thirds again. Now you have something that will fit easily in your closet and looks super neat too

Keep practicing! And check out the video for easy understanding

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