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As time is passing, more and more studies reveal that our consumption and buying habits are having a serious negative impact on our environment. This is because both our production and consumption patterns often ignore the harmful effects that it is causing towards the nature.

On the other hand, as awareness has increased in recent years, people have also started paying more attention on eco-friendly and sustainable options when it comes to consumption and every individual is making their own effort to be more considerate towards the nature and make decisions that will not cause any harm to the environment.

Keeping this in mind, sustainable consumption has become extremely important so that our future generation can live in a healthy and resourceful world. This is why Sweave takes this issue very seriously and believes in giving back to the nature as much as possible to make a significant difference.

Sweave tries to reduce waste in every step and makes an effort to make its production process as sustainable as possible. Moreover, Sweave’s products are made in green as every product has been tested for harmful substances, and made in a safe and socially responsible workplace. Our factories are also certified as environmentally friendly facilities.

Also, since a large part of Sweave’s product is made from Eucalyptus fibers, we figured the best way to give back to the planet is to plant a eucalyptus tree for every sheet set we sell. This way, our net impact on the environment is actually positive!

Here are some ways in which you can also play your part in sustainable living:

  • Always opt for reusable bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Choose products made from bio-degradable and natural materials.
  • Go for durable items that will last longer.
  • Make it a habit to re-cycle your old stuff.
  • Choose the brands that make an effort to be eco-friendly.

Start playing your part towards a better future today. Also, we really appreciate our customers who are making a sustainable choice by choosing the eco-friendly products at Sweave Bedding.

You can further check out our environmental efforts here.

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